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Photo: Tweenangel talking on a cell 'phone.
Photo: Tweenangel holding a cell 'phone.
Photo: Tweenangel holding a compact disc.
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The Tweenangels are involved with all kinds of projects that take them far and wide! On their travels, they take (and appear in) a lot of photographs; you can see some of those here in the Tweenangels Scrapbook and over at the Tweenangels Gallery!

2008 StopCyberbullying Conference: Tweenangel Ryan with Parry, present Ivan Seidenberg, CEO at Verizon, with his Internet Superhero Award. Tweenangels from the Danville Chapter with Parry Aftab Tweenangel and Parry Presenting an Award at the 2008 StopCyberbullying Conference. A Tweenangel from the Danville Chapter Signing a Megan Pledge Banner Woodridge Tweenangels (Group #1) With Their Display Tweenangels from the Danville Chapter Tweenangels Signing a Megan Pledge Banner. Woodridge Tweenangels (Group #2) Using Computers

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