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Screenshot: KidZuiWhen I first heard about KidZui, from my friend Zachary, I thought it was just a regular Web site for kids but, I was surprised to find it’s really quite different to that. My mom set it all up for me to use and all I have to do is click the K icon on my desktop and it launches a special browser for me to use that is much safer than connecting to the Internet the regular way!

I really like the Zui character that I get to dress up and I can share stuff from KidZui with my friends, like interesting Web sites I have found, but other people can’t bug me because my username is private and me and my mom have to say it’s OK first.

Having KidZui means I can stay much safer online, I can’t accidentally get to any unsafe Web sites because the browser only lets me look at Web sites that KidZui have already checked to make sure they are alright for kids to visit. It saves me lots of time as well, especially if I have a project or something because I can go straight to information that I know is OK.

My mom likes it because it's easy to use and, she says it helps her help me stay safe online!

Ruby, aged eight.

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