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Belly Bump

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I liked playing Belly Bump. It was really easy to figure out how the controls worked and the bouncing part was so fun that I didn't even mind if I got bounced off the big tree stump. Anyway, it's a great game to play if you are bored or you need to take your mind off something, like we are taught with "Take 5". It really works to do something fun.

"Take 5" is a good idea, it's much better than getting mad or upset. I would much rather play Belly Bump than stay mad or sad. Precious and Artemus Panda show us that is is better not to not react when something upsets us online. You should try it. Remember, the next time something makes you feel angry or upset online (or even offline) try playing Belly Bump or do something else fun instead!

I think that real Sumo wrestlers should have to boing up and down like that too!

Connor, aged twelve.

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